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Our Services. 

Outside Plant Construction

OCI handles all phases of underground and aerial plant construction. We work with all major communication and power companies assisting their needs.


​Our daily activities include, but not limited to, new construction, conduit installation, manholes, V-rad cabinets, directional drilling, and cable placement (both telephone and power).


Plant rearrangement due to infrastructure construction, gelling innerduct to prevent fiber freezing, and moving live cable are some of the challenges that our clients face.


OCI delivers quick, efficient and skilled solutions and responses to meet whatever challenges you may have.


Outside Plant Construction Services: 

  • Directional Drilling

  • Fiber optic cable placement and relocation

  • Manhole, cablebox and site installation

  • Emergency restoration

Directional Boring

Directional Boring is the preferred technology for underground plant installation and construction. Many situations make it impossible to open cut trench due to traffic, existing infrastructure, wildlife habitats or customer requests.


Controlled boring can solve these tough situations by opening up new avenues for plan installation. The advantages of directional boring include:

  • No trenching or restoration

  • No interruption of traffic

  • No erosion problems due to open trenches on hillsides


OCI can place your cable or carrier pipe with minimal inconveniences to customer traffic, landscaping and site restoration in comparison to open cut trenching. The payoff is a reduction in customer complaints and restoration callbacks.


We offer installation of telephone, cable, power, gas, water, innerduct, conduit and pipe with diameters between 1" and 8".


Cable Salvaging


OCI has extracted thousands of miles of both direct buried cable and cable from conduit.


We offer a complete removal system where cable is cut into 4 foot lengths, automatically loaded into trucks and shipped to an environmentally safe recycling center.


Buried or in conduit, OCI Construction can meet your salvaging needs quickly and cost effectively.


Cable Salvaging Services:

  • Restore your conduit

  • Recoup high copper prices of telephone or electric cable

  • Retire right of way

Fiber Deployment

OCI is capable of installing fiber optic cable and has placed varying sizes from 24  to 488 count continuously up to  40,000 ft in one stretch. We have successfully built fiber rings around metro cities all over the Mid-West. We have built and also maintained fiber lines cross-country, in cities and railroad corridors. 



Fiber Deployment Services: 

  • State of the art jetting equipment.

  • Antifreeze gel fiber after installation.

  • Aerial or underground 

  • Outside plant or inside locations

Restoration Contracting


OCI can quickly and effectively serve as a restoration contractor for a wide variety of needs including emergency fiber response (both above and below ground), interior and exterior site restoration due to construction activities and incident related activities.


We serve as the on-call restoration contractor for all major carriers in a wide variety of industries.


Restoration Contracting Services:

  • Emergency response

  • Storm damage

  • Site cleanup and restoration

  • On-Call 24/7

Storm Water Management

OCI works with Northern Ohio cities and sewer districts to help clean storm water run-off. Environmental sensitive areas are being addressed to satisfy concerns.


Projects include removal of debris, trees/foliage, and sediment from streams, lakes/culverts and repair of sewer laterals and forces mains. Install grinder pumps and discharge pipe to eliminate treatment plants. 


Bio-retention ponds are quickly becoming popular in the management of run-off water. 


Storm water Management services:

  • Sewer repairs

  • Cleaning storm water assets 

  • Building retention areas 

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